Edinburn It 5 Day Fit Camp!

2017 Camp Dates! -
Monday 3rd April - Friday 7th April


Monday 1st May - Friday 5th May


Monday 5th June - Friday 9th June


Monday 3rd July - Friday 7th July


 Monday 7th Aug - Friday 11th Aug


Monday 4th Sept - Friday 8th Sept


⏰ 7:00pm - 8:30pm

 Cramond Beach

⚖ Private Weigh In ⚖

4 Week Diet Plan

£50 per person



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In 2013 I began running a 5 day bootcamp experience on Cramond Beach, the idea was the bring a small group of 5-10 people of all fitness levels, ages, and genders together for 5 consecutive days focusing on all different areas of fitness and showing them what dramatic effects outdoor style training could have on both their body but fitness levels, the camp has now been running for 3 successful years and I can honestly say I love every minute of it!


Starting with just 6 people on the very first camp we now have 20 people attacking this camp 5 times a year on Edinburghs famous beach front!


Each day is 90 minutes long, so instantly you are getting more than is offered from your basic outdoor classes, focusing around team based exercises and circuit style training the word fun does not even begin to cover how everyone feels looking back on the week they have just concord!


The best thing about this camp is no matter your goals whether it be weight loss, increase in your fitness levels or muscle tone each day will hit all aspect of your goal allowing you to see a dramatic change on day 5! Weight loss results have been as high as 7lb in 5 days!!


Day 1 you all may not know each other but I can assure you by day 5 you will look at each other as your fitness family helping each other overcome any barriers you have along the way!


So please get in touch today to be part of Edinburghs 5 day fit camp experience!

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