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"Working with John on my fitness has been great, he is encouraging and supportive in all aspects of my training and well being.

I had been working out for a long time, the gym was becoming boring and I was no longer seeing results, John introduced me to a whole new way of training, my overall strength and fitness has improved so much since I started. Each session is tailored to suit your individual needs, these sessions are hard work but always with an element of fun so great for keeping you motivated."



 - Gemma Barnes

"Seen great results in such a short period of time since training with John. He took the time to understand my eating and training routine (or lack of) & has given me a plan which I find easy to follow. Every session is different exercises which keeps me entertained! He is both patient & encouraging so I couldn't recommend John enough! Big fan x"

- Christie Sanders

"Fantastic personal trainer. Every session is different and never gets boring from out door sessions to indoor studio sessions. Great guy. Has done lots for me from gym workouts to do myself to diet plans. All round 5*****"


- Giovanni Pia

Owner of Amodo Mio Italian restaurant, Falkirk


"John has taught me everything I know about fitness, when I first started my fitness levels were zero. I didn't have much weight to loose but I have now got the shape I wanted and I am really happy. John makes exercise fun while being professional at the same time. He will go out of his way for clients aswell, highly recommend!"
- Julieanne Wilson

Quote of the week

  “Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”



-Arnold Schwarzenegger


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